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Electric outlet in the hardwood floor repair

This electrical outlet was an eyesore for my client's new interior design.

He asked if it could be fixed. I told him I would do my best. For the filler I used some Mahogany wood, epoxy and wood filler and finished it off with some faux wood graining. He was very pleased.

This ornate plaster ceiling needed serious detail repair.
Greg with "Old world plasters" did the new plaster molds and installation. He hired me in to do all the painting.
When we were finished, the homeowner couldn't even tell where the damage was previously.

Broken tile repair on an old nineteenth century fireplace.

Its been over 100 years since this tile was installed and some pieces were broken. 
I was hired to come in and do whatever i could to make it look better.
After the repair, we took it a step further and i white-washed the brick to make this fireplace an attractive center piece.

Somehow a golf club and a bad temper caused this damage to a very expensive table. Before his wife came back to town he needed it done ASAP. I got it done in time. 

This basement ceiling was damaged when the tile flooring was being removed on the first floor right above.
They needed someone not only to repair the damage but also match the old plaster "swirl" finish coat that was applied in 1951. It was a success.

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